Twany Beckham Bio

Twany grew up in Louisville, KY in one of roughest parts of the inner city. At a very young age, Twany found a passion in sports and used sports as a tool to help navigate him to success. Twany excelled in all youth sports and went on to become one of Ballard High School’s all-time great players.

Twany spent one year at the New Hampton School in New Hampton, New Hampshire where he was able to concentrate on academics and play in a high level prep school basketball league. He earned a basketball scholarship to Mississippi State University where he played and excelled in the classroom for two and a half years before transferring to the University of Kentucky. In two and a half years at Kentucky, Twany was an all-academic SEC performing student and was a member of the 2012 UK Men’s basketball National championship team. Twany was a finalist for the Arthur Ash Award. Twany Graduated from the University of Kentucky in the spring of 2013 with a degree in Communications.

Twany has since then published a book titled Full Court Press- Conquering Adversity Under Pressure, PRESSURE and a childrens book titled Believe In Your Dream. Twany spent lots of time traveling to share his story in hopes of changing lives and inspiring the youth. Twany is an active member in the community. Twany gives motivational speeches and lives to see others make positive choices with their life especially the youth.

Twany believes that all hardships we face in life can be overcome as long as we believe that we can overcome them.